Foundation issues are difficult to detect and expensive to fix. So, before buying a house, make sure you have the foundation thoroughly inspected by an InterNACHI-certified inspector. 

Precision Home Consulting provides specialized foundation inspection services for properties of all types and sizes. 

We check for indications of pest invasion, openings in dividers, water intrusion, cracks in the pier or beam structure, mold build-up, plumbing leaks, mortar joint breaks and soil problems. We also analyze the general topography of surrounding land to determine the slope and how resilient the ground is.

If your property is diagnosed with any severe issues, it’s a huge red flag. But if you decide to buy the property anyway, make sure the repair expenses are accounted for.

Precision Home Consulting has the tools, training and experience to perform foundation inspections and document every major and minor finding in an easy to understand report, which will be made available to you within 48 hours of inspection.

In some cases, it may not be safe for clients to attend foundation inspections. We recommend you watch from a distance and wait patiently for the inspector to provide you with a comprehensive report.

Give us a call right now to schedule a foundation inspection for your prospective home.

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